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Case Study

A Case of Allergy
Mr C S Murthy

Here is a case of a 48 year-old Bachelor who is known to me for long. He has great faith in Homoeopathy. This gentleman is a marketing person and deals with medical equipment. He is often on tours in interior Maharashtra. 

His problem was that he was allergic to riding in petrol/diesel driven vehicles. He gets eruptions in one or two spots anywhere on the extremities, which are dry, hot, itching and reddish. This, however, does not happen when he travels only in train. The eruption can spread to about 2" or more and is proportional to hours of travel. Itching eases on scratching but not fully relieved. The eruption however subsides on overnight sleep, He has been bearing it, since he wanted it to be cured by Homoeopathy and hence he did not even consult any allopathic doctors, though he is constantly in touch with them. He got his urine and blood tested for sugar and these were normal. BP was normal. 

The patient is medium-sized, tall, dark complexioned with black circles around his eyes. He has a large paunch in the shape of a frog. He is a smoker and an occasional drinker. Constitutionally he is a Lyc patient. But Lyc did not work for this allergy. 

1397 KR Pg 1397 Gen: Riding in a wagon or on the cars...after. GraphKali-nNat-cNat-mNit-acPlatSil.
Hot remedy: Nat- m or Plat.

To choose between these, I reasoned:

  1. Lyc is related to Nat-m, and follows well after.
  2. Once in an acute fever, this normally active man, was lying like a log. Bry 30 [hot remedy] immediately relieved his fever. Bry is a natural acute of Nat- m
  3. His blind painful piles on passing stool AM to PM were relieved by Aesc- hip, another hot remedy.
  4. Heat < Nat- m
    So Nat- m was chosen as a phase remedy for his allergy.


Today one month has passed and there is no allergy. No recurrence when he made a long trip and even sat close to the engine on driver's cabin to test the cure.