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Case Study

Two Cases Of Habitual Abortion
Dr B G Daptardar
'Vib / Kali-c / Vib

In early days of my practice, I was not confident about handling cases of habitual abortion, because intense emotions of patient and relatives are involved. Then I read cases in Homoeopathic Journals like NJH, about other Homeopaths handling abortions and felt emboldened to try on my own. About the same time, a lady of primary infertility came to me. She head been married 4 yrs and had not conceived. I persuaded her to first go to a Gynecologist to get the cause defined. She was totally against internal check ups, but finally she agreed to go to a female Gynecologist, who diagnosed an "under-developed uterus" which will not be able to carry a child to full term. Was this the reason for the problem, and every time her periods were delayed, was she actually aborting?? I took on the case on a trial basis.

The Case History
Mrs SK, 22 yrs, came to me on 9-3-84 for irregular cycles. Menarche at 14; initially regular cycles; irregularity started after she had influenza, for which she was hospitalized and lost 2 kg during the attack.

She talks less and is averse to men. She gets palpitation if scolded even slightly. She is very timid and easily startled. She has a feeling that she is at fault (feels guilty) and that she is not fit for her duties. She cries easily while reading and seeing movies. She cannot bear her husband staying out overnight for his job, even for one night. She cannot tolerate the least contradiction. She talks about suicide. She is very suspicious especially with her husband talking to girls. She has carsickness. Giddiness while cooking.

Physical Generals
Thermals: Chilly patient.
Perspiration: Does not perspire.
Desires: Condiments, spicy food, non-veg, fish, cold drinks, hot food
Hair: Dandruff
Skin: Wart on Rt ring finger AF thorn prick. Cracks in soles
Sleep: Sleeps late; unrefreshing sleep; wakes frequently.
Dreams: Dreams of grandeur; happy dreams.
Menses: Pain in abdomen BM. Pain in breasts BM for 1 year after marriage
Sex: desire increased

Family History
Fa and PGM - Schizophrenia.

Her husband who was accompanying her, gave most of the symptoms. It was a love marriage. She was a Muslim, he was a Hindu Brahmin.

This is one of my earliest cases. I was too much tilted by the talks of suicide and naturally I gave Aurum. Then subsequently followed many drugs such as Natrum, Thuja, Pulsatilla, Conium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Lachesis and Aurum-mur-natronatum. She always responded to the remedy but only partially. All her displeasures, disappointments, grievances were revolving around some thing else but she was not conceiving. The remedies were not having effect to such an extent that she would conceive. She was taking treatment for more than 4 years. Her entire mental state was revolving around not having a child. Though I had her case reasonably well as compared to my short experience and had prescribed scientifically, her symptoms would return in some another form. This sort of frustrated me. This was the time that we learnt about her under developed uterus.

I was reading M L Tyler's Homoeopathic Drug Pictures when I came across a beautiful article on Viburnum. I bought Viburnum-opulus 30 & 200. When she got her menses I asked her to inform me. I started Vib-op 30 every 3rd day on 30-11-1988, after her menses were over. She had menses on 30-12-88, scanty, no clots, lasted 3 days. She did not get menses thereafter so pregnancy test was done on 10-2-89 that was negative. She still did not get her menses and it was again repeated on 27-2-89 when it showed positive. She had morning sickness and vomiting and mild vertigo. Vib-op 30 was continued in same way and her morning sickness went away.

In May 89 she had urinary infection and raised BP (130/90), which was controlled with Canth 200 3 doses. BP came down quickly, but pain in urethra after urination remained, accompanied by chest pain on Lt. side < lying on the same side. Natrum-mur 30 3 doses relieved. I stopped Vib-op as I thought, I have repeated it more than what I normally do; let me see the effect. Also were these symptoms due to frequent repetition? On 29-8-89 she started having pains in thighs and abdomen as Labor pains. Again Vib-op 30 was started but now every day till 14-9-89. On 14-9-89 she had pain in urethra before urination. Pus Cells 100-120/hpf. For this Pulsatilla 1M was given and repeated on 25-9-89. She delivered a normal healthy boy in Oct.

Case 2
As this case was progressing beautifully I had another case of Mrs. K, 33 yrs. She came to me on 18-8-89 with following complaints.

Tendency for abortions; aborted 3 times. 1st in June 84 after a fall when 7½ months pregnant. 2nd in March 87 after a false step when 5½ months pregnant and 3rd in January 88 inspite of bed rest, Shirodkar's stitch and medicines.

She felt that all these had happened because of her obesity. She had come to me with a pre-condition that she would not undergo hospitalization, any surgical procedure or take any allopathic medicines. She had also complained of low backache after abortions < exertion. Pain in Lt lower limb for last 1 yr. from hip downward < lying on Lt side.

Menses irregular for last 1 yr. Previously menses every 26-27 days, lasted for 2-3 days; dark clotted flow.
Grey hair from 2-3 yr. Her mother too had early graying of hair.
She gets frequent cough from childhood, which was severe during 1st pregnancy.
Likes Sweets. Thirst moderate.
Sleeps well; wakes 3 a.m. every day and sleeps or tries to sleep again.
She likes rainy weather and rain; does not like summer at all. Warm to hot bath always H/O - Jaundice. Whooping cough.

Father has DM. Mother died 1 yr back. Grief .Still cannot believe that mother is dead - as if it is a dream. She wept while telling about all this. Mother had DM.
Patient is eldest in family, has 2 sisters & 1 brother. She is B.A.
Observations- Her answers are incomplete and she deviates from the topic while talking. Appears dull.

She was given Kali-carb 30, 200, 1M on consecutive days.
26-9-89 Feels more energetic. Pain in low back and lower limbs reduced greatly. 20-12-89 Menses regular, flow is much better, no clots. No backache, no pain in lower limb. She was asked to try for conception.
Pregnancy test was positive on 26-2-90 She had no trouble at all.
28-4-90 Feels better. She had visited Gynecologist and he told that cervix is short and external Os is open admitting one finger. Viburnum-opulus 30 alternate days.
9-5-90 Lumbar backache occ Coryza. Kali-carb 10M 1 dose.
19-5-90 USG Pelvis on 30-4-90 shows: Os 9 mm, coning.

TORCH TEST POSITIVE. Syphilinum 1M 1 dose as antimiasmatic.
20-7-90 Lumbar backache. Kali-carb 50M 1 dose and Vib-op 30 alternate days.
Viburnum-opulus was continued till the end of 9th month. She delivered a beautiful male child normally.

The story does not stop here. In the first case you might have noticed that during pregnancy I had not given Syphilinum, which was given during 2nd pregnancy. The first child had depressed nasal bridge whereas the 2nd child did not have.

In first case we can conclude that the pregnancy was carried till the full term because of Vib-op and Palliation was achieved. The characteristic symptoms of the lady disappeared to a large extent after the delivery except suspicious nature, menstrual irregularity, vomiting from riding in a car etc. So the basic sickness was not altered but most of the troublesome manifestations were definitely ameliorated. I had an opportunity to follow that lady during her 2nd pregnancy also and she did not require any Vib-op during that period. In both the cases no allopathic medicines were given.