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Case Study

Use Of Bach Flower Remedies During Pregnancy
Dr Padmaja Shenoy
'Syph / Orch

In the first trimester of pregnancy, especially if it is the first pregnancy, there is a lot of apprehension and anxiety in the patient and the family. Therefore precise information regarding diet and exercise should be given. The patient should also be advised to seek clarification on any issues that causes her concern. 
Bach flower remedies are very useful and completely safe during pregnancies. The first remedy that I would like to deal with is:

 is recommended especially when the pregnancy is unplanned, unexpected and upsetting to the patient. It helps her to adjust to the idea and not only reconcile but also rejoice at the prospect of motherhood.

For Nausea Of Pregnancy
If walnut is started as soon as pregnancy is confirmed, it almost always averts nausea of pregnancy. If walnut fails, I give Colch 30, almost a specific. It has never failed me.

Terror Of Childbirth
For fear and terror of childbirth, RESCUE remedy (a composite remedy of some Bach remedies) given in the last three months, plus whenever required, puts the patient in a relaxed frame of mind.

For Extremely Anxious patients Mimulus can also be prescribed.

Case 1
A female, aged twenty-eight, came to me during the seventh month of her first pregnancy. She was absolutely terrified, quite sure that she would die during childbirth. She was in a total state of panic. Rock-rose TDS helped her substantially. To completely eliminate the anxiety, I gave Rescue remedy in her final month of pregnancy. It calmed her down and she had an easy labour lasting only four hours.

Case 2
A female patient aged twenty-four and married only four months, was planning a child only after three years of marriage. Unexpectedly she found that she was pregnant and came to me, fretting and fuming. She was really upset as she held a good job and this uncalled for pregnancy, would make all her plans go awry. Walnut helped her to come to terms with her pregnancy, reduce her morning sickness and manage her pregnancy better.

Additionally to combat any syphilitic taint, avert congenital anomalies and to minimise the risk of chromosomal disorder, Syphilinum IM, 3 doses on say 1st of every mth for 3 mnths prior to conception is advocated.

Case 3
28-year old female, having one child was eager to have another child but was unable to conceive. Tests revealed that the husband's sperm count was low with reduced motility. Though the husband was a non-smoker and a teetotaler, he was very obese.

He was advised to lose weight and given Orchitinum IM one dose a week, for three months. Count and motility increased substantially.
29 March 98: Sperm count 18 million/ml. Grade III & IV 10%, grade I & II -40%. LMP 16Sept 98.
25 Oct 98: Positive pregnancy Test.

In the second month of pregnancy, the patient suffered from severe cough. At that time, she was visiting Bangalore. A local Homoeopath prescribed Hyoscyamus, Coccus - cacti and Belladonna with no relief.
The constant hacking cough exhausted her. She expressed great anxiety that the cough would cause her to abort.
Robin Murphy pg 1235: A single remedy for constant hacking cough during pregnancy - Kali-brom.
Kali-brom 200 Tds completely cured her in three days. ( Clinical confirmation)