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Case Study

A Miracle Of Confusion
Dr. M.O. Mini

In walks a well - dressed, well-known man escorting his attractive wife. He affectionately held out a chair for her and waited politely till she was seated. He expressed a great deal of concern throughout the consultation. With a burst of laughter he handed a blue dotted paper bag to me and said 'she is pregnant....'

I looked closely into her dark eyes to see depth of the miracle. She shifted her gaze and nodded her head. Agitatedly she touched and replaced the beautifully crafted gold chain and bangles. The heavy make up and expensive dresses were insufficient to cover up the joy in her beautiful eyes.

She was a member of a prosperous family in the city. Brilliant, determined and ambitious. The obedient and civilized girl was trapped in a marriage at 18. The emotional blackmail of the parents forced her to stop her education before marriage. A handsome young business magnet, well regarded by his colleagues, rich and successful, 15 years elder to her, was selected for her. He neither looked like an average wife beater or a cruel drunkard.

But within weeks of their marriage, he showed his true colours. He started beating the girl for every small transgression. He made bruises and tender echymotic patches all over her rose white softness. The strong biceps and sharp joints revealed his cruel nature. She could never really be happy throughout her married life.

Three years after marriage, their trips to hospital started. The delicate wife can't dutifully produce a son after 3 years! Her life took a terrible turn after that. All the romantic illusions she ever had, were replaced by great terror. Now she is 30. For 9 years she has been taking medicines. Having tried all other systems of medicine, she came to homoeopathy.

I checked the lab reports. Her reports were normal. But his sperm count is very low , below 1000/ml. Normal- 50 million/ml, which is insufficient for conception. And he also had high levels of FSH, indicating testicular failure. His sperm count remained negative inspite of being treated by different systems. All doctors advised them to wait for a miracle. Even though she was aware about the findings and facts, both of them were advised to take medicines (she vitamin tablets and he hormonal tablets). She hoped and waited crazily for a miracle. Her protest that she is normal worked only inside her mind. The demand for the artificial methods such as IVF-ET, ICSI, etc also worked inside her mind and she could not even mention this. She got beaten even for not taking the vitamin tablets regularly. Would it invigorate his azoospermia? The protest to the foolishness squeezed inside his first. It was obvious her health was failing and I prescribed her Ferrum-met and she recovered from the vertigo and weariness.

She visited 10-11 times during the last 7 months. Further visits were to counsel her. To awaken her from the slumber, full of pain, despair, insecurity, terror nightmares and tears. The dreams full of chubby, bubbly babies. Her desire for motherhood surged greatly whenever she happened to notice anything related to babies. She avoided visits to children wards, birthday, parties, nursery schools, children's shops etc. The denial from the chubby, bubbly smiles did her great harm. She suffered severe psychic disturbances on several occasions. On each month she prepared every thing ready for her dream baby which was aborted in the crimson flow with a rush of tears.

She was given sac-lac, on request for some medicine. I thought it would be rescue for from beatings.
This is the 12th visit. I am confused very much about the 1st smart thing she did in her young life. I am confused about the extraordinary happiness of her cruel husband. I am confused and anxious about her pregnancy in the 1st trimester. Yes, I am totally confused about the miracle.

Issue Editor
This story presents the facet of a homoeopath counsellor.