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Case Study

A Case of Morning Sickness
Dr V Sundaram

In March 1997, I visited the house of a relative for condolence. There I met Dr C, an allopathic doctor, who looked pale and exhausted. On inquiry, she said that she was pregnant again after losing her earlier male child and now in her second month. She had severe morning sickness. She had taken all the allopathic medicines known for this condition without effect. I asked whether she tried Homoeopathic medicines from her father, who was serving in a college and also practicing Homoeopathy. Whatever medicines her father gave, after consulting the repertories, also gave no relief.

Then I asked her father, who was also present, as to what Homoeopathic medicines he had already given to his daughter. After ascertaining the same, I asked him to try Medh 1M- one dose.

A week later I had an occasion to meet the doctor again, in the same place. There was a sea change in her. She came over to me to thank me with joy and relief. She never imagined that one single dose would give such a wonderful result and cure her of her complaint, when all allopathic and Homoeopathic medicines had failed. She was all praise for Homoeopathy and thanked me again for curing her sickness.

Dr William Boericke's Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica guided me in the selection of this nosode, Medh, for morning sickness. Pg 425, under Stomach "Pernicious vomiting of pregnancy".

J H Clarke's Dictionary of Practical MM, states that Medh should be used in single doses but is rarely, if ever, to be given in the acute stages of a disease.