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Case Study

A Boy Who Ate Cockroaches, Lizards, Bulbs Etc.
Dr S Praveen Kumar

It was shocking and repulsive to hear a mother tell that her 6-year-old son has a habit of eating cockroaches, lizards, leave alone chalk and mud. It seems that once he even ate an electric bulb. So far I had only read these things in the Guinness book of World Records.

The boy, who was FTND, had not suffered any major illness till 4th year of his age. Later he developed lack of appetite coupled with this pica.

Apart from this, he was not listening to his parents, behaving according to his own will and wish. This adamant and headstrong nature was more bothering than the pica.

His bowel movement, thirst, urine, sleep, sweating were normal, excepting occasional stomatitis. Acid-nit 200 1 dose was given. After a week, when the boy had not improved, the same dose was repeated. As there was no improvement and lack of appetite still continued, the dose was increased to 1M. Even this could not evoke any response.

After reviewing the case once again I came to a conclusion that the drug was correct but the potency might be wrong. Hence I decided to give 10M and that did it. Within 4 days there was improvement in his appetite, which was followed later on by slow and steady improvement at all levels. Though not soft and mild, the boy is now much better even at behavioral level.

Conclusion: It is not the right remedy alone but the right potency as well, which cures the case.