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Case Study

Magic of high potency
Dr Pravin M Shah

Herpes zoster is a nightmare for practitioners as well as the patient. The pains are maddening and so are the sufferings. I used to dread it till I hit upon the magical potion!

Case 1: 5 years back, Mr XYZ came to us crying for help for herpes zoster on the rt Abdomen. We gave Rananculus-b 200 with no effect. 1M potency was tried in vain. But I persisted as it was the indicated remedy. Rananculus-b 10 M QDS, considering the intensity of pain and lo! The pain vanished. (Dr Tyler recommends this potency in Pointers to Common remedies-Ed)

Case 2: Mrs KN came on 16.09.98 with herpes zoster on the outer canthus of lt eye. She was sent for an ophthalmic opinion: The doctor opined: Herpes zoster involving ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve.
She responded to Rananculus-b 10 M QDS immediately and was normal within 1 wk.

Case 3: Mrs TN, 62 yrs, came with severe herpes zoster on rt side of chest from front to back with severe burning and itching. Rananculous-b 10M QDS cured her.

Case 4: Mr RS, age 45, came on 17.11.2000 with severe pain and burning on left arm without any skin eruptions.
Expert opinion diagnosed it as pre-herpetic neuralgia. Rananculus-b 10 M QDS was selected and the entire attack was aborted without the patient having to undergo intense pain and agony.

Generally chances of post herpetic neuralgia increase with age. In Case 3, the old lady did not get post herpetic neuralgia due to the high potency. It is found that herpes usually attacks the sites where in the past the chicken pox eruptions were more.