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Case Study

Case 34: A case of severe Paroxysmal Hiccoughs
Dr S K Mamgain
'Nux-v / Mag-p

Long ago (I do not remember the exact date of the case; as it has lost in my daily register) at about 9:30 pm a patient was brought who was suffering from severe paroxysmal hiccoughs. The paroxysms were too frequent and 8-10 hiccoughs were coming so fast that they were appearing to go one into another.

First of all I gave him Nux-vomica 1M but did it not seem to work within 10 minutes and I was afraid lest the patient gag and suffocate so I put a dose of Magnesia-phos 10M on his tongue and gave him one more dose to be taken after ½ an hour and I sent the patient home with instructions that, if there is no effect he should be taken to the emergency of the district hospital, being the patient a laborer. If he gets some relief report me in the morning. He did not turn up next day. But I came to know from the person who referred him to me, that the hiccoughs were gone by the time he reached his house. The hiccoughs never relapsed.

The hiccoughs were so furious that still when I remember the patient hiccoughing I feel shivers in my spine. And I pray that no one should suffer such hiccoughs.

During past 40 years I have encountered innumerable cases where I have seen the miraculous effect of the infinite doses of the homoeopathic medicines provided the diagnosis of the medicine indicated was correct.

Every homoeopathic physician knows that the rule is 'Similia similibus curantur' ie whatever symptoms group a medicine is capable of producing in a healthy and sensitive person is also capable to cure similar group of symptoms in the sick individual. To acquire this knowledge one must acquaint himself repeatedly and persistently with the detailed proving of the medicines e g detailed Materia Medica. Such a study gives insight into the personalities of the homoeopathic medicines and their application in turn gives satisfaction along with joy of curing the suffering human.