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Case Study

Concert Of The Similimum
Dr Ranga Krishnan
'Thyr / Phos

A famous Carnatic Vocalist of the 70's used to say that, regardless of ability, every concert was an acid test. At every concert - the quality of her voice, the exact tuning of the Shruti of the accompanying instruments to her voice, the smooth functioning of the audio equipment, the mood of the musicians and the receptivity of the audience- only when all these were synchronized, was an enjoyable concert produced!

Similarly all respiratory cases, even innocuous looking ones, are an acid test for the Homoeopath: The questions to be answered are:
When will the problems arise? How will they proceed?
and When will the patient outgrow them?
The answers require comprehensive knowledge of physiology, pathology, Materia Medica, philosophy and miasms. The other contributory factors are-patient's lifestyle, co-operation with the homoeopath and purity of medicines. Synchronisation of all these spell success -relief and cure of the patient. If the patient happens to be a child, then the parent's cooperation is of primary importance. Here are some illustrative cases from my practice.

Case 1:
In Jan'90, 2-yr male twins came for "perpetual coughs and colds". Clinical findings and investigations were normal. Yet every seasonal change brought on colds and cough. One of them had rashes all over the body during the respiratory ailment. Mother's pregnancy was normal. There was a F/H of DM & TB. Few doses of Thyroidinum 1M for one with rashes and Tuberculinum-bovinum 1M for the other were given. In 3 mths, thir respiratory problems and rashes were history!

Case 2
An ENT doctor's 11 yr-old son came to me in July'97, for wheeze with dry cough < night < rich sweets < constipation. He was comfortable in A/C. He loved sweets but due to this problem was off all sweets. Sweat +++, desires cool weather, occasional constipation. He had a jovial temperament with lots of friends, loved cricket and music and did well at school. His mother had no problems during pregnancy or delivery.

Past History: At 10 mths had high fever with pneumonia; treated with antibiotics. In '92 he had Malaria thrice which was treated with home remedies and cured.
In '93 he had recurring red spots in the Lt eye treated with anti-histamines. After 6 months, due to construction activity in the vicinity, his red eye returned with sneezing, cough < night and wheeze, with an eosinophil count of 32%. Allergic Bronchitis was diagnosed and the child had to avoid all sweets, citrus fruits, cold items, etc. In the winter of '95. he started using Asthalin inhaler daily for 3 mths, presumably due to the fumes of Divali crackers. In June'97 his condition deteriorated and cortisone was required to bring control.

Family History: PGF-Ca-rectum; PGM-DM, PU-asthma, MGM-HT



P/E Rales all over, dyspnoea ++ Ars-alb 200 9p TDS


Stopped using inhaler. Phos 30 3p OD


Wt 29kg (a gain of 1kg) SL 10p OD


Child normal Phos 30 1p SL10p OD


Child normal Phos 30 1p SL10p OD


Slight dry cough Bry 200 3p BDS


Slight wheeze, dyspnoea no fever Ars-iod 200 12p TDS


Paroxysmal night cough Bell 200 1p


Sulph 200 1p


No complaints Med 200 1p as intercurrent


All old respiratory symptoms returned Ars-alb 200 9p TDS


No change. Dry cough most bothersome Bell 200 6p TDS


Was fine till yesterday. Now sneezing, dry cough, constipation
Nux-vom 200 3p BDS


Some dry cough remains.Phos 30 3p OD


SOS night- rales all over, dyspnoea, severe wheeze, vomiting of mucus and food suddenly after eating Ipec 200 3p 2hrly. Followed by Cupr-ars 200 9p TDS
Wt 28kg (loss of 1kg) in that mth.


Slight dry cough Bry 200 3p BDS


Severe cough with constipation .Did not respond to Nux-vom as before and wheeze with rales all over. Makaradhwaja 30 1p.


Much better Senega Q BDS


Wheeze, dyspnoea again. Makar 30 1p to continue Senega Q BDS
Advised Xray chest


No rales Xray chest ok


Bacillinum 1M 1p as intercurrent


Wt 27 kg(loss of 2kg) Stann-iod 30 3p od Senega Q BDS


All symptoms returned with a bang. No response even to Asthalin puff. Both lungs full of rales with cough+++. Remembered the H/o severe pneumonia as an infant
Pneumococcinum 30 2p bds Ant-ars 200 9p TDS Adonis Q TDS


Slightly better Ant-ars 200 9ptds Adonis Q tds


Status quo. Took Asthalin puff. Makar 30 3p OD Adonis Q TDS


Incessant dry cough 1-2.30 am, chest clear, no cough in the day
Spongia 30 12p TDS


Mild dry cough Spongia 30 9p TDS


No cough wt.28kg (gain 1kg) Adonis Q BDS


Running nose, sudden dry cough, dyspnoea+++ Makar 30 3p TDS Adonis Q TDS


cough better Makar 30 1p Adonis Q BDS


Cough again Makar 30 3p BDS Adonis Q BDS


Child fine, well expanded chest. Wt 32kg (gain 3kg). Bacil 1M 1p.To stop Adonis and to take Senega Q as SOS Eosinophil-4% (normal)

This child is my grandson's friend and I see him often. Now it is 2 yrs and there has been no return of his respiratory distress.

Makaradwaja is an ancient Indian remedy. I learnt the importance of this remedy from my mother who used to use it successfully for my father's bronchitis. I too have used it successfully in my practice. My Homoeopathic source for this is: Manual of Materia Medica published by M. Bhattacharya & Co 1951. To quote:


  1. Dry cough, asthmatic breathing, < night, constipation, dyspnoea esp. children and the elderly.
  2. Weakness after disease likes influenza, bronchitis.

I wish to add here, that to my knowledge it is available only at HAPCO, Calcutta and in lower potency 6c at Ramakrishna Homoeo Pharma, Hyderabad.
In this case I used it when Nux-vom, Phos, Spongia failed to hold the case though seemingly indicated.

Use Of Mother Tinctures In This Case
BURNETT's oft repeated and clinically proved saying remains indelible etched in my mind - 'If the weak organ is strengthened, along with the patient as a whole, then his recovery and cure is speedy and gentle'. Here Senega and Adonis Q were used specifically to strengthen the lungs alongwith the indicated remedies. The cure was somewhat zig-zag as there was a strong load on the system, in terms of inheritance and past history.

Editor: The author has given more cases, which we are keeping over for the next issue.