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Case Study

Unveiling A Love Affair
Dr M O Mini

One hot afternoon, in March '98, a 30-year-old, tall, young and handsome businessman having grey blue jewels for his eyes, came for consultation His rose feminine skin and thick, brown hair matched his friendly and alert expression. His articulate and the aristocratic manners were attractive, but rare and quite peculiar. This made me highly curious!

He complained of paroxysms of violent sneezing, recurrent colds starting with nasal congestion. eosinophil count was 34%; These symptoms dated from childhood and he had never been free from cold even for two days; in spite of long-term Ampicillin caps.

At the first interview, he offered very little information and talked only about the specific problems. He opened up the second time.

Life Story: 
He had many friends, even as a child, secret being his command over language. His eloquent and remarkable speech got him friends and helped his career progress. He is the youngest and keeps good relations with his retired parents.

He is very much interested in sex, and has had several extra-marital encounters. He has no qualms about those and considers it as a part of his career. He was given Nux-vomica because of his high standard of living, allopathic medication, increased sexual desire, 'A loyal' relationship etc. It did not work well. I was not satisfied with the course of action.

I decided to retake the case. During the third interview, I discovered a peculiar aspect of his sentimentality. He said that he was having a long and beautiful love affair (a love affair not a sexual relationship) with a young and comely woman. He has been in that relationship for the last 7 yrs, which is quite strong and just what he needs. They were classmates and neighbours for a long period. She is a Bharatnatyam danseuse and he worships her. 3 years back she got married with his permission and had a baby girl.

He still visits her and wants to maintain the relationship forever. The emotional support and the bonding is too strong but secretive. He is able to survive all his financial and professional reversals just by dreaming of his love. He gets her attractive gifts and says dear things only in private to her. He holds her in his arms for a long time. He takes her face and kisses her. But he never demanded sex from her. He fears sex will be the end of his love. He thinks such a demand may hurt her emotionally. He is ready to do anything for his ladylove. He thinks about his love all day long and gets great pleasure and enjoyment just by thinking about her small gestures, greetings and little gifts etc. He is fully satisfied with the real romantic fantasy life with her.

At the same time he is behaving in a rather gross manner with his sexual exposure. It is quite peculiar that a man with increased libido could be so romantic and sustain a platonic love mate like this.

The essence of Staphysagria cropped up in my mind. He is nice and strong in public and in his profession. But is timid to his love mate. Emotionally the bonding is very strong and he thinks that sex may break the bond. He fears the intimate closeness and enjoys the romantic fantasy life. His five senses are very sensitive and have a high degree of arousal. He keeps other girl friends for sex, without any hard or serious feelings ie without any involvement.

I gave him Staphysagria 1M (2 doses) with Sac-Lac. He did well. Three weeks after the first dose his eosinophil count came down to 14%. Following that, he was free of symptoms for 2 months, which was a unique experience for him. The remedy was repeated at 3rd and 9th month when improvement slowed down he had a sore throat. His business trips trouble him as, in the past during each of his business trips undertaken in August, November and January, he gets these attacks. He received Causticum IM (which is complimentary to Staphysagria) with good results.

He is doing very well. Now his eosinophilic count is only 2%. He is excelling in his career, using his talents. Now he is practicing Soorya Namaskara and Pranayama, which I taught him during the course of the treatment. I think it may also assist the treatment and help to maintain health.