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Case Study

ase 62: Cough with salty expectoration
Dr Satish Kanojia

Mr DG, 40 years, Grocer and carpenter by profession.

Came with the complaint of cough with salty expectoration +++.

K/C/O Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension and Alcoholism

Nash has given only two remedies for cough with salty expectoration Sepia and Kali-iod while describing Stannum (pg 186)

The patient was indifferent to his family which comprised of his wife and 3 children.

He justified his indifference by saying that since his family did not listen to him so he does not care about them.

Presence of indifference towards family, favoured the prescription of Sepia 200.

Sepia 200, 6 doses lead to remarkable result.