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Case Study

And Sridevi He Dreamt
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy.
` Hyos

Murderous dreams ?
Wake up in a cold sweat ?
Get up depressed in the morning ?
Go to a Homoeopath.

Want to replace those dreams
With fairy tale dreams........?
Try homoeopathy again........!

As all fairy tales go "Once upon a time, I had a patient with insomnia......... and after the one dose, he dreamt of Sridevi and slept peacefully ever after.

And soon I had a queue outside my clinic of all his friends... dictating to me all the dreams they wanted.... film stars featured prominently : Juhi Chawla, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachhan.

Mind, this is not a sequence from one of my own personal fantasies. It did really happen.

A young man, 30, married six years, wife 27, son 5, came to me on 23-11-92. His father was 60, mother 53. All lived together, had a joint business, a factory manufacturing diamond tools. They believed in togetherness : they lived together, ate together, drank together and all went together, to see the grandson off to school every morning. They took their dinners together, and they all worried together. A most anxious and hypochondriacal family.

But he had not always been like that. Being the only son and much cared for, he had been very trusting and patient and caring. Too trusting almost to the point of fool-hardiness : he even left his car keys in the car.

Then a year ago, he loaned money to his friend who could not repay him.
He changed. Felt betrayed, cheated. He brooded. He became edgy and suspicious, and got the anxiety kick : if his son had fever, he called from the office hour on the hour. He trusted no one, not even the airlines. His wife could no longer take holidays with her parents. What if the aircraft crashed ? His argument was if they were together, they would all die together. That was okay.

He lost his sleep. Thoughts pervaded.
He slept only from 12 midnight to 4 am.
He got recurrent throat trouble every month. Since Sept '92 he got sore throat and cough aggr dust, paint, tobacco, supari, pan, draft; better steam. He got fever with headache, heavy eyes. O/E throat congested, uvula elongated.

He took two appointments with me and never showed up. Why? I wondered what the reason could be. Did he not trust me with his health? Or with his story?
Finally his throat got the better of him. He made a last attempt- his wife asked me to give him medicine without seeing him. I refused. So that evening he turned up, beaten. And I got my case!

And I gave him a dose of Hyoscyamus 200.
That night he slept and had the famous Sridevi dream-she wanted to unburden her soul and tell her story-line and he wanted only her bodyline!

Further reports on 4-12 and 22-1-93: he continues to sleep well with no cough and no Sridevi.

PS: I hope I have hurt no sentiments by this naughty narration...., but after all this is a Dreams issue, and even if it is a true tale, we are entitled to our little liberties..... and can occasionally throw off the cloak of deliberate seriousness.