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Case Study

Guilty he was
Dr Mirza Anwar Baig.
` Clem

One of my doctor friends told me casually that for some time he had been dreaming of situations which lead to his imprisonment. For example, in one of the dreams he saw himself in a police lockup. He woke up with a feeling of suffocation. In another he dreamt that he was passing by a police station and suddenly he realised that he might be imprisoned. Again he woke up with great apprehension.

Such dreams essentially reflect a crime committed secretly, such as forbidden acts- sex, cheating, forgery, etc. These dreams are also possible in situations when a person is hiding his wealth from his family and society. These are always born out of fear as to what would happen to his hidden wealth if he suddenly dies.

Actually these dreams represent psychosexual experiences of which he is ashamed. They must be interpreted in that light.

These cases are typical examples of sycotic characteristics. The patient of this group will always represent his complaints obliquely and will make every effort to hide the real facts.

Generally Thuja is chosen as a remedy for a sycotic patient who dreams of sinking or falling from heights. In fact the sinking sensation represents a shift of ones self from an unreal to a real perception. These realisations are very frequent because we always endeavour to live in an unreal world.

I had been analysing the dreams of my friend but was not getting any clue until he narrated his recent, very important dream. He saw himself being charged for a violation of traffic signals which he believes he had observed. This lead me to the rubric "Dreams-crimes, that he was accused wrongfully" (Kent Rep Pg 1237). Clematis 1M one dose was given to the patient. There after the patient ceased to have any such dreams.