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Case Study

Dreams Reflect Unresolved Conflicts
Dr Raheja L N.
` Stram / Graph

Dreams : The Most Perceptive Aid To the Similimum
Our Thanks to the Masters who made the Repertory Possible.

An individual experiences the world in the waking state. Here he expresses his mind, receives stimuli and forms his Psyche.

Deep sleep state is the state Mother Nature has provided for rest-the state of nothingness. Unfortunately the human mind-maze allows conflicts to percolate through the sleep and this is especially expressed in dreams, the mid state between waking and deep sleep. Thoughts left unexpressed inhibited or feared that is all undigested thoughts come up in dreams. Therefore dreams play a vital role in diagnosing the patients mental state. To demonstrate let us see a case :

Case: A lady, HS, 35 years, very obese, came with a complaint of severe frequent headaches with nausea ; relieved only by sleep. This started 15 yrs ago due to marriage plus the shift from Indore to Bombay. Adjustments with the family and the new environment was difficult. She started getting horrible dreams, fear of ghosts and of trying to protect her children from harm by the ghosts.

The dreams became very frequent leaving her fatigued and depressed for the next few days. Her health deteriorated with very painful repeated temporal headaches, swelling in hands and ankles. She also had skin affections. Her first two pregnancies terminated with fearful dreams of ghosts assaulting her on the stomach.

In her dreams she would be with many persons. No one else could see any ghosts except herself. Her husband was very understanding in her subjective fears and also sympathetic.
I took the rubrics :

  1. Awakes in fright, nightmares - Phatak 2.
  2. Praying night -SR 799
  3. Fear of ghosts -Phatak 128
  4. Company desire for -Phatak 61
  5. Imaginations -Phatak 91

Stramonium came high.

29th Sept 92-Indicated remedy Stramonium one dose was prescribed. She reported next week that an hour after the dose she started feeling light and felt like dancing with joy. She had never felt better in her life. She spoke more about her younger days ie the time before her marriage. She used to read many novels, mainly spy thrillers. Not being able to cope with the new challenge of marriage, The long period of stress and strain, perhaps resulted in dreams jungle, vast empty place and ghosts harrassing her.

28th Oct 92- She reported a delusion. While taking a stroll in the garden after dinner with her husband she saw two ghosts on the opposite side. She was afraid to go in that direction and forced her husband to return home. The delusion became known to her conscious mind and the fear therefore was recognised as a subjective one and not real.

In two weeks she reported feeling fine, not so tired and less nervous from her sister-in-law at home. Her headaches too were very occasional and of very short duration. But her skin was dry and itching which did not respond to Stramonium1M. Hence :

Phatak Rep
Skin dry - pg 310
Eruptions herpetic - pg 107
Itch scratch until it is raw - pg 197.

Graphites. Four doses of Graphites 30 were prescribed. Skin cleared to some extent. More doses at intervals were needed for two months. Now skin complaints were infrequent and she feels normally energetic.