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Case Study

Dreams and Kidney Failure
Dr Derrik Briggs.
` Phos

Dreams are becoming more relevant in Homoeopathic analysis and prescription. The improvement of the patients state is often shown first by improvement in the dreams-healing the psychic malignancy which is the cause-or at least precedes-the pathology.
The following case of severe pathology illustrates such psychic amelioration, although it is still early days in terms of physical healing, being only three months current.

Mr. T-age 34-was a tall thin man-approximately 63"-and stooped over at the dorsal area.
He was very tearful while telling his story ; he had been particularly tearful while in hospital, watching anyone else in pain, and tearful while watching TV news-of people getting hurt.

In my experience his personal history was the worst I have ever heard. A story of violence, near infanticide, incest of father on his sisters and mother on his brother. Father used to beat his mother and mother used to beat him (Mr. T).
He had been a crying baby, and father strangled him into unconsciousness at 18 months to quiet him.
He presented with infertility, saying his sperm were malformed and "swimming round in circles".
He complained of cramps, numbness, and twitching in the extremities, of amaurosis and oedema of the ankles.
His urine was slow and trickling, very pale and clear. His blood was low (80-90 percent) in haemoglobin and high in creatinine, potassium and urea. He was prone to epistaxis with a "chemical " smell, which only he could detect.

Eventually he told me of kidney failure, and dialysis three times weekly.

In his sleep he had heavy sweats which started at his abdomen and extended down his legs-whenever he dreamt.
"Aha!- Tell me about those dreams".

  1. His first dream was of having twins, and this was his constant dream recently-a loving emotion.
  2. Previously his dreams had been of toilets, filthy toilets and not being able to find a toilet; that he was too disgusted to use them and messed himself. Then public revulsion at his mess.
  3. There was a dream of someone hard and soft and large looking down at him-a "witch" looking down at him from the dark. He recalled his mother used to lean over him, laughing malevolently, calling him "dirty boy".
    He was very tearful telling of these dreams. There had been a great sensation of "evil" about her with complete powerlessness in himself.
    And yet! He had been so fearful of his father that his childhood had been spent fearfully clinging to his mother.
  4. There was also a dream of flying out of the body, of tripping away for "amazing adventures", and this was the salve for all his sickness and traumas-to fly away from them.

However, astral travel "stresses the body" and he saw this as the reason for his night sweats.

Other symptoms :
He was a very CHILLY person-(4)-and loves the "excitement" of a storm. In his personality he was not excitable ; was shy in company with a fear of men, though not gay. He was brought up "isolated" without friends, and in fear of his parents. He has no fear of the dark. Fear of heights (2) Major cravings for SALT (4) ice cream (4) and meat (3). He had considerable psychic amelioration from "stress relief" therapy consisting of a blend of magnetic healing, acupressure, hypnosis and imagery. Later he told this also healed his veruccas.

Family history
Paternally, the grandmother had a number of husbands and was involved in spiritualism and "dark" occult practice.
One brother is in prison for violent crime, and is a compulsive liar. One brother is work alcoholic and avaricious.
Maternal history
The mother is from a very religious Irish-Scotch family (a connotation of "fey" -second sight, etc.) from which she was thrown out. Reason not given.
Mother is now a "harmless" sick old lady, for whom he cries whenever he visits her.

On the basis of-
His build-like a teenager in growth spurt
His extreme sympathy.
His "diffusion" / astral travel / clairvoyance.
His cravings for salt and ice cream.
His craving for meat-which I interpreted as an attempt to "ground" himself.

6.10.92-Rx Phos 30. Because of the extreme pathology I gave 1 drop in 5 oz. water, 1 teaspoon 3 / day.

7.10.92 Reaction Next day he rang up complaining that he had developed a sore throat after the first sip of medicine, and today this was much aggravated, plus increasing temperature.
Rx-soothing noises.
Better in three days.

20.10.92 "No better". No change in urine.
The jerky legs have lessened and have only been restless twice in two days.
Epistaxis much less frequent-less Quantity.
Night sweats less severe-40 percent
No dreams of stool and toilets.
Now he can watch death and dying on TV without crying.
No tears when visiting mother.
He inquired about the strangling incident without distress or tears.

20.10.92 Rx Phos 200 1 drop in 5 oz water-in sips 3 / day. At this interview he also told me of a history of massed veruccas which amel just before the kidney failure.

12.11.92 Good dreams-adventurous.
No tears, no night sweats and free urine at night, but the blood urea levels are much higher.

18.11.92 The blood urea tests are extra high. He is eating well and gaining weight. He sleeps well with lots of pleasant dreams. No night sweats. He daydreams-leading another and very pleasant life-e.g., of walking round the sea coast.
He is luckier in lotteries-3 wins (Is this relevant ?). He passes urine well at night.
His X-rays show "prolific" glomerular nephritis. He is still on dialysis 3 / week.

18.11.92 Rx Phos 1M Diluted in water-1 teaspoon 3 / day.

29.12.92 In the last four weeks he has had considerable dental work, and has replaced in physical energy and weakness. The night sweats have re-started.

29.11.92 Rx Phos 1M diluted 1 teaspoon 3 / day.

This dental relapse has disrupted the case somewhat but....! At this stage my prognosis can be little more than speculation, tinged with optimism, but moderated by reality.
Quite simply, how much kidney damage has been done, and how much of it can be repaired ?
Do any of your readers have experience in glomerular regeneration? Editor
(Late) Dr. M L Dhawale had a number of cases. He insisted on the treatment being continued till the IG patterns turned to normal, till then a full cure could not be claimed, and relapses were frequent.