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Case 111: The cough abates in 24 hrs

A junior Homoeopath brought her child to me on 2-8-10. An infant of 6 mths, he has been getting cough every 15 days since the onset of the monsoon ie for 2 mths. The cough was deep and the child was crying. The last I had seen him was when at his age of 3mths we all went out for lunch together and the child never cried in 2 hrs. So this was a huge change. Then she told me the cough was more at 6 am and 7 pm. Tongue was clean. Taking the child as usually calm and with perspiration 3 on head with sour perspiration, I put his constitutional as Calc-carb though she said the child was hot. With great perspiration any child will be thought hot. The acute with the time modality and the weeping was Puls 200. Given 6 hrly. She sms-ed next day saying he is better. This was her sms: "There was no 7 am agg this morn and the frequency n intensity of his cough s much reduced. Giving 12 hourly doses. Thanks so much mam" this is the verbatim sms... Now my instructions were: Give just 1 dose in to-day very diluted- 1 tsf from the dose mixed in 1 glass of water. The cough went and the Calc-carb was now administered single dose. This result was in 24 hrs the 15 day old cough abated. This kind of a result just cannot be a placebo effect, no matter which scientific body says it. Nor faith healing in a 6mth baby who knows nothing of faith or philosophy! It is purely a curative effect. There is no doubt that Homoeopathy works and very rapidly at that.

Mr SM, 60 yrs old, Hindu, Vegetarian Self employed Married Gujrati, came on 14/ 02/2009 with the following complaints

Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy