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Case 45: I am so angry with myself!
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Staph / Carbo-veg / Lyco

Mrs ML, is 42 years, a housewife and works as a Free-lance writer, though her education is Post Graduation in Engineering! She is a Vegetarian Maharashtrian. Married since 1989 and now lives in Bandra West. She has 8 yrs old, studying in 5th Std. Her husband, Mr MM, 41 yrs is a businessman.

She came with the Chief Complaint of

1.     GIT: Since 2004, Frequency OD.
Hyperacidity with burning sensation.
Sensation as if everything eaten comes back in the mouth.
Bloating, Loud burping, Pain+.
Ailments from an attack of loose motions for three months in 2004.
Aggravated eating even small quantity of food. Most troubled before menses.
Ameliorated passing flatus. Was mildly better with Ayurvedic treatment.
Endoscopy and colonoscopy revealed no abnormality.
Diagnosis: Reflux Oesophagitis.

2.     When she came for the interview there was more to just reflux oesophagitis...
She was feeling very low since few days, what she needed was definitely a phasic remedy for the emotional turmoil!
When she is angry she shouts, is violent then ends up saying things which are rude and which she regrets later. Anger³ is self directed. Impatient. Fears accidents.
Consolation aggravates and weeping ameliorates. Weepy³, while reading, seeing an emotional movie. Cries when alone. Insecurity.
Diagnosis: Dysthymia

3.     She was diagnosed as hyperthyroid. T4=13.2, TSH: 0.19.

4.     Dry skin of foot and elbow.

5.     Chronic fatigue³.

6.     She was diagnosed in 2004 to have PCOD: Regular but heavy flow, dark red followed by bright colour. Clots3³, thick and dark red. No bad odour.

Patient as a Person
Weight: 66 Kgs, has gained 8 Kgs in last 1 year.
Skin: Normal.
Hair: Normal.
Nails: Normal.
Teeth: Cavities ++.
Perspiration: Profuse on head.
Appetite: Good
Thirst: 2 liters a day.
Desire: Sweets, Spicy3
Aversion: Sour3
Stool: No H/O Constipation
Urine: Normal
Thermals: Hot.
Sleep: 5-6 hours, refreshed, on back.
Dreams: Nothing Significant.

Sexual Function: 2/week, described it to be great. Rigid OS.
Menstrual History: C/C. 4-5/30 Days, Clots³ for 3 days.

Family History: Mother and Father: Diabetes mellitus.
Past History: None.

Life Situation
Born in Belgaum in 1964. Her Father was in the Indian Government, ie in government service. So she too had to go all over the world/India wherever parents moved.

Initially used to get angry at trifles eg if somebody is not doing things properly, she gets angry, and then does it herself angrily. Feels angry at herself. When she is angry she shouts, is violent then ends up saying things which are rude and which she regrets later. Impatient. Punctual-likes to be on time. She is fastidious for keeping flowers and books. She has lot of friends. Likes to crack jokes and is happy when others enjoy it.

Loves to eat good food and that has to appealing in appearance or else would not eat. Talkative. Fears accidents, of death. But careless about health.

Anger, injustice at. Eg if somebody who is big is shouting at a small person. Anger has come down in three years. Anger³ is self directed.

Consolation aggravates and weeping ameliorates. Weepy³, while reading, seeing an emotional movie, when something gives her happiness, when something is beautiful.

Cries when alone.

She is a content person with no problems. Likes traveling, watching movies.
Loves to stay alone but also enjoys staying with friends.
Very extremist³.

28th November 2006
Cholesterol: 205
LDL: 110
Chol: HDL 5.1
Phospholipids: 273
T3: 176.6
T4: 13.2
TSH: 0.19

Repertorial Totality
RM 1071 Jealous
RM 0995 Anger with herself
RM 1005 Anxiety about trifles
RM 1067 Insecurity
RM 1052 Foolish behaviour
RM 1086 Obstinate, stubborn
RM 0743 Head, perspiration profuse
RM 1118 Will, weakness of
RM 0485 Menses clotted dark
RM 0020 Fullness sensation of better passing flatus
RM 1383 Hyperacidity burning pain < eating
RM 1380 Loud belching.

Potential Differential Field
RM 0546 DESIRE: Spicy
RM 0547 DESIRE: Sweets
RM 0546 AVERSION: Sour
RM 0361 Sun aggravation
RM 0361 Summer aggravation

Remedies on Repertorisation
Ign 10/8, Tarent 11/6, Staph 12/7, Sulph 13/8, Lach 16/8, Ars-alb 16/10, Lyc 21/11.

Remedy Selected
Acute: Staph Constitutional: Lyc

Follow Up





Phasic remedy, self directed anger.

Staph 200 1 Dose.


Bloating leading to breathlessness. Flatus³.

Carbo-veg 200 OD till better.


Acidity and flatulence better 20 %.
Appetite good. Thirst increased.

Lyc 200 1st Dose.

After this the patient followed-up with me for a year.
Reflux oesophagitis was better 90 %.
Te anger which was at trifles was minimal. 
She thanked me for also treating her for the moods though she had only come for the gastric complaints!!!
The early intervention helped in this case which could have progressed into a major depression.
Treatment: Lyc was given 1/15days for 3 months thereafter 1 a month.