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Case 48: My husband rapes me every night!
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Gels / Puls / Kali-Bi / Staph / B-coli / Thuja

Mrs RW, 32 yrs, Hindu. Housewife. Vegetarian.
Married since 12 years has a son and a daughter, resides at Santa Cruz and came to me for consultation in Feb 2007.

Chief Complaint
SKIN: Pigmentation on face, hands, back and chest since 1990.
Pigmentation, black-brown in colour, starts with small boil with itching³, painful on scratching, discharge is white in colour.
< Summer³, Before Menses³, waxing. > Scratching.
Taken Ayurvedic treatment but no relief.

Other Complaints

1.     Sneezing with Coryza 1/10 Days which lasts for 1-4 days.
Nose block one sided.
< AC2, AM2, Summer³, Lying down, Monsoon.
Throat Pain < cold. Anti allergents gives relief for a time being.

2.     Headaches 1/2 weeks lasting for more than 5 hours.
One sided pain especially Left side. Pain increases gradually.
< Talking, Stress, light³, noise³.
> Vomiting³, Dark³.
She is not better by sleep. Is averse to talking when has headache.

3.     Since 6-7 months burning micturation. 1/ month.
> Pressure, > Cold water³.
Takes Gatiflox or puts pillow in between the thighs for relief.

Patient As A Person
Ht: 5'4. Wt: 65.
Skin: C/C
Hair: Dandruff³. Itching increases in winter.
Nails: Normal. Eyes: Normal. Ears: Normal
Teeth: 4 fillings done. Yellowish discoloration. Offensive breath³.
Perspiration: Stains
Digestion: Sour eructations. Flatulence³.
Thirst: Thirstless, but drinks 1½ liters a day.
Appetite: Good
Desire: Pungent
Aversion: Chocolate
Stool: Frequency 1//d. Normal.
Urine: C/C
Thermals: Hot
Sleep: Disturbed and unrefreshing.
Dreams: Snakes and snakebites.

Family History: NAD
Past History
At the age of 15: TB of lymph nodes. Node removed and AKT taken for 1 year. At the 25 yrs of age: Chocolate Cyst Removed.

Menstrual History
Regular. Duration: 5-7 days. No clots, no stains. Dark red.
FMP: 13 years. LMP: 4/2. Pain³ at the beginning of menses, > flow. Changes pad 3-4 times /day
Lower abdominal pain: Alternates from Lt to Rt.
Leucorrhoea: Offensive³, smells like rotten eggs, ropy, creamish.

Sexual History
Husband wants sex everyday.
Pt has lost desire because does not enjoy / like aggressive sex. Likes to go step by step.
Feels is being raped.
Lower abdominal pain during coition.

Obstetric History
2 Full Term Caesarian Section.
Reasons: Once cord entangled around neck of the baby and second time no dilatation.

Life Situation
17th June 1975: born in Amritsar. Patient is youngest of 4 siblings.
1989: Lost her parent, one younger sister, PGM and MGM in train accident while returning from engagement ceremony.

Patient's Sensation: Empty from inside, as if nobody around.
1995: Arranged Marriage . When she came to Mumbai to see the boy,in the arranged marriage set-up, the boy only talked about sex and she had not liked the boy. She did protest when she went back home, but no one listened to her arguments and the marriage was fixed. After marriage, she found the husband focused only on sex and the attitude of waman as a vassal - to serve the man. He would have sex every night and later would abuse her and make crictical comments about her small breast-size. He would watch magazines and compare the models to her. She would retort that he had seen her and then only chosen her, for what she was. All this would lead Constant Fights with husband.

Now are even going through difficult phase in life financially.
Husband is an introvert, insecure about wife; does not like her going out. Has sent son to hostel. Patient is just living with him for the sake of it.

He is fault finding³, moody, apologizes, good for 1 month then again fights and hits her.

Husband becomes angry even if talks with friends, gives bad words.

But looking at her, she looks poised and arrogant. Is very particular about her appearance especially looks. Was always compared with sister because the sister is more beautiful is always jealous³.

Will buy expensive clothes even shoes because thinks people like me, appreciate me because of appearance. She is well accepted by in-laws.

She wants her husband to say sorry
Cries³, worried children are not settled.
Patient never shared her problem with anyone till now. Lately has started talking to sister and friend.

Anger³ when upset, shouts and screams at children, cannot control her anger, now stopped hitting her son. Sees shades of her husband in son.
Responsibility over burdened; nobody to help.
Brooding³. Self-pity³.

Always wanted best for the children, expectations from children³. Son and daughter couldn't clear  started crying thought why my children have to suffer.

In free time wants to talk to people, feels she is in a cage.

Loves music³, dancing³ Everything thwarted after marriage.

Fear snakes³, lizard, death due to drowning. Anxious thinks snake will come and bite me Worry³. Anticipatory² Vomiting, headache, crying, < before exams.
Prays to God a lot, actually talks to parents in mirror!!!

Totality of Symptoms 1071 Jealousy
1110 Speech excessive
1050 Fear Snake
0310 Dreams Snake
1090 Religious Affections
0997 Anticipatory Anxiety
0536 Aversion Chocolate
0549 Thirst less
0361 Summer <
0716 Left Sided Headache > Vomiting
0468 Genital burning
0499 Coryza < am
1122 Skin pigmentation with itching

Remedies on Repertorisation
Lach 27/13, Puls 21/9, Arg-nit 18/10, Calc 17/10, Ars-alb 16/8, Caust 13/8, Staph 7/6

Remedy Selected
Acute: Gels, Puls, Kali-bi
Constitutional: Staph on the basis of suppression and suppressed anger, erruptign in frequent UTI's.
Intercurrent: B-coli, Thuja

Follow Up





The history was taken by the assistant for 3 hrs and even I took it for 45 minutes. She had severe headache after the session.

Gels 200 for 4 days SOS


>³ only took one powder! No new spots. No colds.



>³. Headache only once, mild. No pains during menses.



Vaginal itching > cold, < before urination³.

Puls 200 TDS


Headache twice this week. < Evening³, stress³. Hair fall, Thirst, Appetite and Stool: Normal.

Puls 200 TDS


Investigations: Urine R: Normal. 
Blocked Sinus. Difficult, thick discharge. 
< Fan³. Sleep >³. Tg wet². Urine  Itching > cold.

Kali-bi 200 for Sinus
Coloc 30 for pain


Had to cancel her trip because of pain, on 6th April, coition aggravated lower abdomen pain. 
Urine Clear. Investigations: Urine R: Normal.

B-coli 200 1Dose
Staph 200 3 Doses


Pigmentation better 40%. No headaches since a week. No colds since a month. No Dandruff. Anger bouts = 0. Sleep normal.



Headache since yesterday. A/F Work³, as no servant. Then Husband too came back tired and was angry as there was no servant!!!

Staph 1M


Burning3 for 5-10 mins < urine after, Bleeding 3/d. A/f Cough, sneezing
On 2/5 had headache < pm, temples, < 4.30-8 pm. 
Dandruff +, Eructation's ++.
Thirst decressed3. < Noise.

Puls 200 which >