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Case 40: The concommitant helped clinch the remedy
Dr Kiran Gupta
Case from CMP Homoepathic Medical College OPD 8155 of Dr Jenil Panthaki in August 06

Mrs G J, a Rajasthani, 32, housewife with 4 daughters and 1 son. She lived in Vile Parle. Child marriage at was married at age of 8, but Gauna ie came in-laws house in 2002 ie since 4 yrs, She came to me on 18-08-0 for Homoeopthic treatment.

Chief Complaints

1.     Pain in lower abdomen since 1 year. Pain O/e was at the site of surgery scar done for tubal ligation. Get white Leucorrhoea only during pain which is sticky, whitish and stains. Aggravated damp and sour

2.     Pain all over body since 6 days. Feels feverish and chilly. Hands and legs feels cold. Pain starts from the shoulder and extends to the wrist. Then again starts from shoulder. Pain aggravated cold, walking, standing. Ameliorated rest.

Patient as a Person
Well built, moderate. Height: 5,3'.
Weight: 59 kg. Skin: Normal.
Hair: Normal. Teeth: Normal.
Eyes: Normal
Perspiration: Moderate all over the body
Aggravated walking.
Digestion: Normal. Appetite: Normal.
Thirst: 1.5 litre per day.
Craving: Spicy.
Aversion: Sweet.
Thermal: C3H2.
Menstrual History: 3d/28days, Dark with clots. Offensive.
Staining yellow. Pain in extremities during menses.
Obstetric History: 1 miscarrege.5 FTND.
Past History: Nothing Significant.
Family History: Nothing Significant.

Life Situation and Mental State
1974: Born in Rajasthan.
Childhood was good. No work.
Got married at age of 9yrs.
Stays with In laws in Mumbai since 8 years.
Cries during pain. Very
Childhood just went like that, dint even realize when it went.
When was asked more questions said this is enough wanted medicine since she was getting late for children.

O/E: P: 68/min
BP: 118/84 mm of hg
Temp: Afebrile
No Pallor.
No icterus
Per Abdomen: Soft, no significant tenderness

Dreams of death of relatives
< damp hydrogenoid constitution
< Sour
Menses dark with clots
Menses staining black
Leucorrhoes with abdominal pain
Leucorrhoea stains.

Mag-carb 200 1 Dose

Follow Up






Mag-carb 200


Severe headache on 18/8/06 2-3 hrs after taking Mag-carb, had tied the head
No burning micturation, Pain in Abdomen. Leucorrhoea. Feverish feeling ameliorated after 2 days.

Mag-carb 200

Sept 06

No headache


Ocotber 06

Mild headache, subscided on its own.