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Case 64: Now I have teeth but can’t eat
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Aloe, Natrum-sulph.

Baby AK is a 6 month old male baby. Was a full term normal hospital delivery, his birth weight being 2.25 kgs.

HE CAME TO ME ON 30-6-08 WITH THE CHIEF COMPLAINT of loose, absolutely watery diarrhoea for the last 20 days. The stools were yellow, mixed with mucus and mostly only water. Non offensive. The child passed approximately 20-25 stools a day. The mother explained that the stools gushed out of the anus with force, 4 times a day. Other times, if in a pamper, she could not see. The child also had vomiting after Cerelac. The child has begun teething since the last 2 weeks, with irritation gums and biting. The baby was on proper ORS and so there was no dehydration.

Patient as a Person
Skin: Sensitive. Nappy rash on the buttocks.
Hair: Normal.
Nails: Normal
Teeth: The first one has just begun to erupt.
Perspiration: Scanty, occasionally on palms and soles.
Appetite: Good
Desire: 6-7 oz/ day.
Urine: Normal
Sleep: C2H2.

Daily Routine
7:15-8:30 am: Plays.
8:30-9:30: Sleeps
10:30: Drinks milk (5 oz)
10:30-11:30: Bath and massage.
11:30-2:00 pm: Sleeps.
2:00-2:30: Drinks milk (5 oz)
2:30-4:00: Plays.
4:00-5:00: Sleeps.
5:00 pm: Drinks milk. (5 oz.)
5:30-7:30: Plays, then sleeps.
8:00 pm: Drinks milk. (5 oz.)
10:30 pm: Sleeps.

Family History: NAD.

Past History: NAD.

Remedies On Repertorisation
Chamomila, Aloe, Calc, Rheum, Podo

Remedy Selected: Aloes

Mental State: The child is generally a cheerful, happy and active baby. Playful and attentive to its surrounding. He cries when he needs a nappy change or when hungry.

Totality Of Symptoms
RM 1274 Diarrhoea, dentition during
RM 0997 Diarrhea, painless
RM 1429 Stool, forcible, sudden, gushing
RM 1434 Stool, watery

Remedy Selected: Aloes on the basis of not able to hold at all.

Follow Up





Mother came to me for baby with 20-25 stools per day

Aloe 200/7p. 1tsp after every abnormal stool 30 7P HS


>3. With the medicine. Number of motions reduced to 8 per day. Stools have begun to

Aloes 200 / ct 30 7P HS





Normal stools. All formed. Down to 2-3 a day as is normal for the baby.

Followed up with his constitutional remedy- calc-c 200- 1 dose to ensure smooth dentition.

Dr Angelica would like to report her own similar experience:

After two days of heavy and rich food eating, on 14-07-08, I began to have acute crampy pain abdomen with rumbling, followed by loose watery stools. The abdomen was distended with gas. There was a gurgling sound with rush of stools each time. Considering the rich food I had eaten and my absolute loss of thirst, I took two doses of Puls 200 which didn’t seem to help at all. By the evening I had had about 10 motions and was totally weak and dehydrated.

This continued for a whole week although the frequency had reduced to about 2-3 stools a day. I ignored it and probably took about 2-3 doses of Natrum-sulph 200 which again didn’t help.

The next week ie 22-07-08, when I reported this to Dr Vishpala, she asked me to take Aloe 200, one dose. Following that single dose I had no more bouts of loose stools and the crampy pain abdomen seemed to just vanish into thin air!!!

The season of Diarrhoea in Mumbai- sudden and long lasting. Not responding to any medicines – where Homoeopathy was most effective


Baby Gian is a 7 month old male baby, with a history of normal delivery. The baby was brought to us with the complaints of severe diarrhoea since a week. He had loose watery stools mixed with blood and mucus. Investigation, occult blood +. There was severe pain and the baby was weak in appearance. He cried while passing stools and the frequency was about 14-20 stools per day.

Has a sensitive skin. Perspires, though scanty, on the palms and soles which are cold to touch.

Patient as a Person
THIRST: Normal

Past History

  • Abdominal colics, at 2 months of age.
  • Acute coryza recurrent attacks since he was a month old.

Rubrics Selected
RM 1273 Diarrhoea, children in.
RM 1430 Stool, mucus.
RM 1427 Stool, bloody.
RM 1069 Irritability, children, in, sick when.

Repertorial Result

  • Chamomila
  • Merc-cor
  • Aloe

Remedy Selected: Cham
Potency Selected: 30.

Follow Ups





Diarrhoea. Watery stools mixed with mucus and blood. Passing 14-20 stools a day.

Cham 30 QDS


Number of stools reduced to 8. Semi-solid. No pain. No blood or mucous.

Cham 30 QDS


>3. Bowels well formed. No pain.

Sac-lac 200


Remedy: C → Chamomila
Diagnosis: D → Diarrhoea



Many cases of diarrhoeas in Palghar hospital have been handled effectively with Ars-alb- the patient had to be carried in, so we opted for Ars-alb.
The other type were, where renal function was effected. I.e. Anuria with diarrhoea. Here Gelsemium was used and the third type where urine was suppressed with diarrhoea and coldness of body, then Verat-alb was the remedy of choice. All used in 200 potency with repetition after each abnormal stool.
These 3 remedies have saved about 100 patients in the last 15 days in MLDT Palghar hospital

Dr Navin Pawaskar