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Case 65: No life as if..
Mr Firoz Jamil Khan, 35 years Muslim, tailor by occupation, Married since 13 years resides at Palghar. Cam e to us in early 2008






Trunk and upper extremities
D:10 years
F: Continuous
O: Sudden

Redness Dermographism

Lifting wt
< Warm bathing
< After perspiration
> When occupied

Irritability Abdominal pain before itching

Since 10 years
sudden onset
F:1/ wk
D: 12-14 hrs
unilateral sides, alternating

Pain dull aching Nausea, feels that if he vomits he will feel better hence induces vomiting

Sunday unoccupied 
> Sleep
> Vomiting




Pain, 1 episode of bleeding, now no bleeding.

During and after defecation

Patient as a Person
Appearance: Oily face with a tired look
Hair: Loss, male pattern baldness
Nails: Clubbing, blackish discolouration, keloid
Teeth: 4 carrious, removed, tobacco stains +
Coldness: Palms
Perspiration: Profuse, anger after
Appetite: Normal
Thirst: Less
Craving: Beer1, salty things1, sweets1, Tea3, Tobacco3 (2 packets per day)
Stool: Pale yellow, semisolid, once a day
Urine: 3-4/day, 1 HS
Sleep: Normal
Dreams: Friends with, roaming around
Reactions Physical Factors: Motion sickness, especially when sitting on the opposite direction to which the train is moving. 
Thermal Modality: C2H3, wants fan through out the year, tepid water bath, likes winter season, light covering in summer, one quilt in winter.

Sexual Function: 
Heterosexual. Premature ejaculation.


A 35 year old, be-sspectacled tired -looking man, came from Dahanu to the Palghar Dr Vishpala’s OPD. He has 4 siblings, 1 elder brother, 1 younger brother and 2 sisters. As a child he studied in school along with his siblings, no major issues and maintained good IPR with everyone around. Studied till 9th Std but failed.So he was told to drive auto rickshaw, since the family owned one and no one was using it. Then he came down to Palghar, learned tailoring from uncle, and is presently working as a ladies tailor in Palghar inhis BIL’s shop. He got married 13 years back, at age on 22y, has 2 sons and 1 daughter. Elder son is mentally retarded who watches television very closely and is scolded for that by the patient’s wife, he is in 3rd Std. Patient tries to teach him,. He is a very satisfied person and has got no complaints.

He stays with his parents, his brothers’ fight and they come to meet them often. He had a fight with his younger brother and thus has stopped talking to him.

When asked about the son he did not elaborate much. Has a good married life. Before marriage had an affair with a girl, his parents were ready but the girl’s parents refused. So they did not go against their family wishes. Patients’ nature is basically irritable, cannot tolerate injustice. Whenever he gets angry he starts perspiring, sensation of heat on his head. His anger is always controlled, will never break relationships. He is the first person to go and patch up after quarrels, he thinks and ponders as to what should be the next step. No one comes to know when he gets irritable, especially when the work gets delayed neither his parents and nor his brother in law with whom he works. Feels relaxed after watching television.

Dull, flaccid, No life as if
No irritability, No sadness
Passive, Indolent
Aggravation: Thinking of complaints -Irritability
Dreams: Friends, of traveling
Motion sickness
Perspiration: Palms and soles in winter
Perspiration: with anger
Headache: < Sun, > Vomiting
Skin Eruptions: < Summer, Sitting, Lifting heavy wt 

Group Of Remedies: Opium 200 1 Dose Stat.

Reasons for he selection: dull, aloof, as if no interest in anything. As if in his won world. Sleep problems.

after the dose of opium when he came next, he started talking much more; wan little animated. His complaints were better. Rapidly he improved and we stopped treatment within the month itself. His itching was better. No headaches.

Dr Pooja

DR Vishpala Parthasarathy

Palghar OPD