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Case 68: "Alopecia" - Chronic or Acute?
Ref P/10/09; 3-3-09.

I never thought I will one day put a case of alopecia aerata under sure shot section where we only give cases which give a rapid and instantaneous result. Alopecia normally takes some months to respond. Growth in 2 weeks is unheard of! So we present this case here with pictures.

Young girl, 10 yrs old, studying in class five. 

·         Came with alopecia areata, since Dec 08.

·         Began as a small patch - the size of a thumb nail - increased rapidly since Jan 09 till it reached the 6.5 x 5.5 cms in diameter.

·         Mother, understandably, was in panic; had already taken some Hom before but where it had only worsened. She came to us after much coaxing by a friend and told us frankly that she was not pro-homoeopathy, more so after her recent experience.






HEAD Since Dec 08 < Jan 09

Alopecia, very small patch first of the size of a thumb nail, now <3, 6.5x 5.5 cms


Took Hom Treatment for 2 months, but did not help rather was much worse.

RESPIRATORY TRACT Since 2004 OD 1/2monthsX2-3d

Nose block
Running nose

A/f change of weather < night3, cold things


Patient as a Person
SKIN- Dry. HAIR- Alopecia patch
NAILS- White spots on nails
EYES- Myopia -2.5 both eyes
TEETH- Caries++
APPETITE- Normal. Tongue- Dry, coated lightly. THIRST- 1litre/day
HEAT- palms
PERSPIRATION- 3+ on face, hair, back, underarms, stains clothes pale yellow
CRAVING- chocolates3, ice cream3, chicken, apples, bananas
STOOLS- 1/day, normal. URINE- normal
SLEEP- Refreshing, 8-9 hrs
MOTHER’S OBSTETRIC HISTORY- Unplanned pregnancy, 2nd month spotting, thought it was her menstrual period but pregnancy test was positive. 2nd trimester- bed rest as OS was opening MENTAL STATE- Stressed during pregnancy, as was unplanned and unprepared for this CBR state as she was working. FTND MILESTONES- Speech- 1.5yrs-2.5yrs clear 

Patient was born in Mumbai in 1998. Mother was stressed then due to some issues with MIL and unmarried SIL. In 2005 shifted to Pune when patient was 6 and her younger sister was born. In 2007 came back to Mumbai and joined Bombay Scottish. She enjoys this school and has a few friends. She lives with her parents, grand parents and sister.

Her sister is very outgoing, expressive, angry, beats, wants attention, she says she and her younger sister fight a lot.

Anger3 suppressed3, never expresses, just sulks. She never told anyone about her anger but once when the mother did not keep her promise, patient was very angry, went to her room and wrote it all in her diary- her non-violent way of expressing her anger. The mother came across saw that diary a few days later and was really shocked.

·         Very surprisingly the patient opened up to us in the first interview and expressed her resentment towards sister and mother. When the mother asked if she should go out while she talked to us in private, patient said no you can stay. So it was a cathartic session. We doctors could make out that she was expressing with difficulty, because of the pauses and the odd faces she made before talking. She said her mother was really hyper and tense and she did not like it. Weepy3 if someone is angry cries when alone

·         Introvert, does not approach anyone, no friends earlier, now better has some good friends in this new school.

·         Likes company, very adjusting, not complaining, never troubles, very accommodative, messy not orderly

·         Affectionate3 loves dogs

·         Fears reptiles

·         Determined3, Independent3, Responsible3, mild, timid

·         Passion to read books

·         Passion to read books


1.     Over responsible

2.     Independent,

3.     Strongly determined,

4.     Makes many faces and gestures.

5.     As a child- reserved, no friends, would not play with other children; just watch them.

6.     Fears reptiles and insects.

7.     Profuse Perspiration- face, hair and underarms.

Suppressed anger and emotions dealt with by writing diary but not resolved. Staph will not only remove this block but make her more able to express and deal with it by discussion c mother.

Follow Up





Suppressed anger



Feels better, the hair patch SQ, Nose block < 6am, 10pm, Constitutional prescribing.

Aurum-met 1M 1 PHS


Alopecia patch >3, thou mother wanted to be cautious and say only 50% better. Our assessment: the assistant doctor was so excited on taking the follow up, as she could not see the patch at all, that she had to ask for mothers help to locate it. Only fine, small 0.5" hair can be felt and they covered the patch fully. , dandruff+, nose block >25%


CONCLUSION: This case gives us a great experience of the rapid, gun shot action of Homoeopathy and so we titled it that alopecia is acute or chronic as the results were obtained just in 2 weeks time. And the,‘not pro-homoeopathy’ mother, now refers us one new case every week!!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Nothing pays like good Homoeopathic results... best effort should be spent in taking full case and finding the right remedy,... And not fritter our energy in non-essential things!