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Case 69: A Case of Multiple Drug Allergies.

A 70 years old man who suffers from multiple drug allergies had gone to an Allopath for fever and came to me 2 days after his treatment suffering from generalized oedema, swelling and redness of face arms legs and he had huge vesicular swelling of his legs, with impending cellulites.

I gave him Apis-mel 30, 2 pills every 2 hours and told him to call me every 4 hours so I could monitor his progress.

His swelling came down within 2 days and he was completely back to normal within 7days.

The process was first swelling and redness went down, then the vesicles dried up then the skin color gradually came back to normal, then the peeling skin cleared up to reveal healthy skin underneath.

He was advised a bland vegetarian diet and plenty of fruits and soups till recovery.