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Case 73: The Volatile Headaches!

A young lady aged 14 years.

She had severe headaches since 3 years.
Headaches were severe, hammering and occurred daily.
The pain made her violent and she screamed and pushed people away.
She had the energy of 2-3 people when she had the pain and she would throw even God’s picture out of window.
She would not recognize her own dad and push him away.
She had violent dreams, daily dream of a young girl screaming in fear and asking her help and the patient would wake up frightened and screaming everyday.
This dream like the headache was a daily occurrence.

I gave Belladonna 200 tds and within 2 weeks her sleep was deep and refreshing, the dream stopped and the headaches stopped completely.

The girl was treated last April and she has just appeared for her SSC exams and has done well!