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Case 76: Dermoid Cyst, treat with Homoeopathy?

-You can expect a cure in the next life?!


Mrs S Ali C, aged 29 yrs came on 13th Feb 2009.from Surat, as a diagnosed case of Dermoid cyst of left ovary. Her Husband and she were very anxious, as the Gynaecologist had told them it was very dangerous and very urgent to get operated. When they asked if they could first consult a Homoeopath in Mumbai, her response had been a very sarcastic one... you want to get well in the next Janam? You can well imagine the patient’s state of mind and shows their conviction that they still traveled all the way from Surat to hear from the horse’s mouth, so to speak? What would you as a Homoeopath answer this patient? Yes, right, give us at least 6 months under frequent monitoring. The last option of surgery is always available?






Female Genital Tract
Since Feb 09
Lt ovary
Since 6 months

Dermoid cystPricking pain Tenderness in left iliac region.
Irregular menses, Pain
only spotting once 
Distension; Primary infertility

> pain killer
> pressure, wt

Detected on investigation for Chikungunya in Feb 09

Skin, Back,
Breast, 2008 Dec

Blackish rash
Dryness all over 
No itching



Respiratory tract

Cough, cold

<pollution, dust.
< cold weather


General whole body

Numbness, tingling in fingers, face. Weakness

A/f Chikungunya, <cold, exertion, talking, >rubbing <coition



Hyperacidity, nausea, vomiting, headache

<spicy, Chinese, heavy food


She complained of pricking pain in ovary, very tender on palpation, irregular menstrual cycle, distension of abdomen, cycle duration is 30-35days/2days with only spotting once of the size of a 50 paise coin. Infertility.

ODP: She had Chikungunya 15 days back with severe bone pain which was not ameliorated by allopathic treatment. USG was done on 6/02/09 and they detected Left sided dermoid cyst. She is still on painkillers. Weakness3, dryness all over body without itching, numbness, tingling in fingers, face, mouth turns towards right side > rubbing, < talking, exertion, cold. General weakness < coition. She had a chocolate cyst (right) in 2000 which was detected at the time of jaundice.

She is very religious, introverted, fastidious. Her overall state is of tremendous anxiety, first with the doctor, can well be imagined. First of all she had no child yet at the age of 29 in a community who would be mothers by 21! And now with the dermoid cyst, she could see her hopes of ever being a mother, fast receding. She was prescribed ***** for 1 mth. Within 1 mth the size of dermoid cyst reduced to minimal size that is, almost normal. It is really a fantastic case because this case proves Homoeopathy acts fast, faster, fastest. It all depends on doctor’s excellent work.

When this lady came to me she said, that when she asked the Allopathic doctor about taking Homoeopathic treatment, they told her that if she will take Homoeopathic medicine in this life it would act in her next life. Now after seeing the progress of this case they did not have the courage to repeat the same words. First Sonography report was done on 6/2/09, which said possibility of left dermoid cyst. The second report was done on 6-3-09 by same radiologist, who could not believe her eyes and was surprised how this cyst could disappear? How could this happen? It is impossible, she said.... it is a miracle...!

HT: 5’4"
WT: 68kg, obese
HAIR: Loss (within 2 to 4 months dustbin is full)
HEAT, WARMTH: Soles andand palms
PERSPIRATION: On foot, abdomen, back
STOMACH: Nausea, vomiting
THIRST: 4 to 5 glass/day
CRAVING: Chicken, fruit, butter milk.
STOOL: Constipation, 2-3/week, hard stool with straining, > Tab dulcolax, warm water.

MENSTRUAL H/O: FMP: 14yr. LMP: 10/2/09. Menses are irregular with 30-35d/2d duration, flow is spotting like 50 paise coin.
MENSES BEFORE: 7days: Swelling of breast, become hard and stony.
BEGINNING: > menstrual flow
DURING: Stomach pain, backache, cannot get up and work.
LEUCORRHOEA: Before menses, curd like, with backache.
OBSTETRIC H/O: Infertility since 10 yrs.
SEXUAL FUNCTION: DESIRE: Less (2/week). VAGINA: Dryness, burning, > oil COITION: Painful. (Some tips were given on this aspect too)
SLEEP: Deep but unrefreshing
DREAMS: Drowning in water, quarrels between two religion.
THERMAL STATE: Sun <, prefers closed room, wants fan less, covers blanket in summer also, Bath with hot water. CHILLY


·         Religious3, must read Koran all day.

·         Brooding

·         Get hurted easily

·         Anxious about health3

·         Anger3, < lies, scolded

·         Weeps easily

·         Speech excessive

·         Fear of alone, when going to street alone, water, beaches, height.

1979- Born in Surat
1990- 8th Std. She is less interested in studies. She likes art classes.
2000- marriage


·         Anger

·         Anxiety, health about

·         Crying at slightest cause

·         Religious

·         Company, desire for

·         Fastidious

·         Dream, water, drowning in

·         Craves, buttermilk

·         Fruit, desires

·         Endometriosis, chronic

·         Infertility

Ars-alb 19/9, Sep19/8, Ign 14/8,
Sulph 16/9, Calc17/8, Nux-vom14/8, Puls 14/9, Nat-m 15/8, Med 11/8

REMEDY GIVEN: Calc-flour 200 single dose/week with placebo pills.


·         Appear chubby, chalky

·         Aversion to eggs

·         Craving for butter, pica

·         Anxious about health

·         Fear of operation3

·         Perspiration on palms and soles

·         < Menses Before- tender and hard breasts

·         > Menstrual flow

·         Always wants covering

Follow Up


Follow Up

Action Taken


Chickunguniya since 2 days. Joints pain3, 100 degree fever, stiffness in joints < morning.

Calc-flour 200 -1 dose Rhus-tox200 7P


Much better. On telephone she informed her dermoid cyst was 1 cm from earlier 5.2cms.

Aurum-met 1M 1 PHS


She was happy. USG showed hardly any trace of the cyst, just ½ cm.

Calc-flour 200 single dose/week
Tub-b 1M once a month

April 09

No complaints.

Report SOS

CONCLUSION: The most rapid cure, even I have ever seen in my life-a normal USG in 1 month. A 5>2 cms cyst vanishes almost overnight and leaves the doctors baffled and having to eat their own words! A happy state of affairs for Homoeopathy to be able to prove its efficacy, standing the test of scientific scrutiny And with just a single dose of Calc-flour 200...the similimum, when it is the right similimum only can act in this fashion--- in the shortest time, in a gentle and rapid cure-so spoke Master Hahnemann and 200 years later, we still have to keep proving it again and again and the world still takes only minimal notice!