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Case 109: The Rain Havoc

A 9 yrs old female child k/c/o Vitiligo since Sept 2007 was brought to the clinic with c/o rash over chest and shoulders since 2 days, sudden onset, A/F getting wet in the rain. Burning and redness of the affected area, itching > cold application.

O/E: Tongue- wet, tip red and triangular.

Following rubrics were considered

·         A/F Getting wet after, A/F

·         > Cold temperature and cold washing

Remedies which were coming up: Bell, Ant- crud, Rhus-tox, Sulph, Calc, Cham, Puls Referring Materia Medica it was found that Ant-crud didn’t cover the sudden onset of complaints, is more useful in eczema and corns where there is thickness of skin, Calc is useful for nettle rash, warts, and petechial eruptions. Puls wasn’t thought of because the A/F eating rich food was absent and covers more of varicosity of veins. The remedies more likely were Sulph, Bell, and Rhus-tox which covered the symptoms of burning sensation, itching, >cold application and complaints after getting wet in rain, but what was more characteristic and distinguishing in the case was the red triangular tipped tongue and also that the current weather being monsoon, which clearly suggested Rhus-tox. And so Rhus-tox 200, 4P 1P=2 was prescribed. Within 2 doses the rash cleared up. So the acute remedy always needs to be very finely distinguished with the other remedies. The fortunate part of the acute prescription is that the results are instantaneous and you can always know if your remedy was right.

Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy