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We are Homoeopathy.

"From 2005" ,Homoeopathy has taken a lot of battering with the war on it from the Allopathic and other streams of science saying that Homeopathy is only placebo effect. 2010 - the press from UK called it witchcraft! And said Homoeopathy should be banned. This of course did not happen and will not happen.
All through the war, Homoeopaths the world over, have, thorough the press, and at all forums, refuted this. But we need to keep an ongoing system of giving proof of its cures. What is the need of the hour? To prove undeniably that Homoeopathy works! I feel that showing the rapid and indisputably strong, curative action of Homoeopathy is the best answer to any questions on its credibility.

NJH ONLINE started and maintains this section of SURE-SHOT HOMOEOPATHY for the world to ruminate over and refute if possible. Cases are constantly being added.

We began with a few cases, to demonstrate the immediate, almost gunshot effect of the Homoeopathic remedy. The titles of the cases denote both the nature of the person plus clue to the problem through slang use of words. Eg cough-body is the slang used to deride someone in the family who constantly falls ill with cough. A Barbie doll is a beautiful doll-character and a full series of dolls have been fashioned on her. The true Barbie collector will have every Barbie- Barbie in a party, Barbie in the kitchen, Barbie in the swimming-pool and so on.
And NJH has been maintaining the cases addition till today. We request all of you to give your most successful cases to this site which takes on the combined Homeopathic answer to the WAR on HOMOEOPATHY